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"I had been lucky to work with Jean-François, not only because he was the key-player on the project but mainly because I found in him
a totally dedicated and talented man
He is always willing to help and participate. He is a great analyst and he is always able to find solutions to solve problems
He is a great team-player and his humble attitude makes him a very appreciated co-worker. What I like the most about Jean-François: he is trustworthy and highly skilled."
Senior Software Engineer at O.B. Info
"In a few weeks, Jean-François became a key player. He assimilated very quickly the technologies used, but also the proprietary infrastructure and the business domain.
He does not hesitate to proactively propose solutions
He is a very good communicator, has an excellent sense of autonomy, but also teamwork."
Freelance Software Developer at Altissimo Solutions
"Jean-François is an excellent software developer. He was able to learn our business in a few weeks, becoming productive very fast.
He also demonstrated great professionalism in all his interactions with others.
He was an excellent team player."
Principal Software Engineer at Oracle
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  • Co-architected and coded the Canada 9-1-1’s next-generation VOIP platform. Enabling 12 million emergency calls to be answered, located and identified every year through modern technologies like video messaging, text messaging and geolocalisation.
  • Conceived, developed and commercialized innovative solutions for users. Created the first Broadcast Guide for live streamers.
  •  Built a modern, mobile first, online ticketing platform in the event industry. Used to penetrate a new market and generate millions in revenue every year.
  • Developed a do-it-yourself application for event creators to quickly create and publish event online to be sold to the public. Used to publish thousands of events every year.
  •  Participated in the improvements and the stabilization of a talent acquisition software. The company has later been acquired for $1.9 billion.
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  • Fast-growing SaaS company!
  • Located in Canada or the United States!
  • Decision maker!
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